Learn About the 7 C’s for Finding and Hiring Top Talent

Without a team of quality, effective employees in all areas, it’s impossible for your business to stand apart, build a brand or develop a unique customer experience. And it all starts with hiring success.

Every employee is a significant investment in time, money, resources – and the future of your company. As per the title of his best seller, The 7 C’s of Effective Hiring, author Alan Hale helps you nail every new hire by considering these key factors:

  1. Competence

This is still the leading factor in finding the right hire. Of course, certain strengths can be taught and mastered on the job. But a candidate still must have the necessary credentials – skills, experience and education – to make the cut.

  1. Capability

Read “growth potential.” Capability means not only delivering on basic job requirements, but being willing and able to take on added responsibilities. It goes hand in hand with yet another valuable “C” – creativity.

  1. Compatibility

If hired, would a candidate naturally get along with their manager and co-workers, as well as existing and potential clients and partners? These harmonious relationships are the glue that holds successful teams together.

  1. Commitment

Hiring – and even worse, the need to rehire when someone leaves your organization – is costly on all levels. Look for candidates who are in it for the long term. The job shouldn’t be just a stepping stone – unless the next step is a better opportunity within your own company. Tip: Check candidates’ history of past jobs and the time spent at each.

  1. Character

Character is all about values – and ensuring that candidates’ values align with your own and those of your organization. In addition to teamwork, look for honesty, integrity and a record of being loyal and keeping promises.

  1. Culture

Culture is based on the values and expectations that influence workplace behavior. If an employee fails to reflect your company culture, they’re likely to be disruptive and difficult for others to work with. Plus, they probably won’t be around long, because they simply won’t be happy coming to work each day.

  1. Compensation

The right job fit is about much more than money, of course. However, a fair, market-based compensation package is necessary and it’s still where the rubber meets the road in terms of a good employee/employer match. If a person feels short-changed, they will also feel unappreciated and will likely underperform as a result.

Just as every employee is unique, so is your organization and its talent needs. To fine-tune your hiring strategy, consider blending your expertise with that of the staffing experts at PrideStaff Modesto. Read our related posts or contact us today so we can tell you more.