Selling Your Company to Candidates During Job Interviews

When it comes to landing A-level job candidates, an interview is not just about you evaluating them. In today’s market, they have the upper hand, and you can bet they’re evaluating you and your company as well. And if they don’t like what they see, they won’t even skip a beat as they go elsewhere.

Find out as much as you can, ahead of time, about exactly what a candidate wants. Then, prepare to sell your company during their interview. Knowing how to execute this strategy will mean the difference between sealing the deal with your desired candidates and losing them to your competition.

Have an Attractive Job Description

Your job description is your first and most critical sales tool. Keep it concise and effective while incorporating the most compelling, exciting information about working for your company. Focus on key selling points that will entice applicants to continue reading and apply for your position.

  • A candidate should know, from your job description, exactly what they are applying for. Provide the basics, but then go beyond dry, institutional language to paint a positive, captivating picture of what they could expect if they came to work for you.

Sell Your Culture

The candidate needs to know your company and the position are going to be the right fit for them. Make it clear that your organization welcomes and supports high performers who seek work/life balance and satisfaction.

  • Give applicants a first-hand look at your culture by taking them on a tour and introducing them to current employees. Make sure they leave with a first-rate impression.

What Makes Your Company Unique?

Throughout your hiring process – in your job descriptions and postings, as you reach out to candidates online and in person, and as you court them during their interviews and afterward, continue to emphasize your unique employer brand image – whatever it is that sets you apart from your competition, as a place to grow one’s career.

  • This includes non-traditional benefits and perks, whether it’s a gym membership, an outstanding tuition reimbursement program, remote work options or special product deals and discounts. Think like a candidate: if you were them, what would entice you to take this job over any other?

The staffing experts at PrideStaff Modesto can partner with you to perfect your strategy for attracting and hiring the talent of your choice. Contact us today to learn more about our proven track record of success in temporary and full-time staffing in administration, customer service, IT, finance, legal support, healthcare, and production and distribution. You’ll be successfully selling your company in no time!

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