Career goal setting sounds daunting, right? It can be, at first. But the start of a new year is a great time to clean out your space, both mentally and physically, and come to a state of clarity about what you want to accomplish professionally in 2019.

Here are some steps you can take to get started. Even if they’re just baby steps, go ahead and begin your journey. You may just surprise yourself – and 2019 will be the best career year ever!

Has Your Plan Changed?

Before you take career planning to the next step, pause to consider whether your passions, priorities or interests have changed since last year at this time. If so, be prepared to reassess and craft a new plan for 2019.

Do Some Reflective Thinking

Once you’re clear on the career direction you want to take, think about what you’ve accomplished in the past year and the objectives you’ve set for yourself going forward. Consider:

  • Did you meet those objectives?
  • What new skills and knowledge did you acquire?
  • What new responsibilities did you take on?
  • Which relationships did you develop with key stakeholders in your career?
  • What kind of feedback did you receive?

Also, think about any instances when you pushed yourself beyond your comfort zone in order to try and make progress. How did that go?

Document Your Successes

Adopt the process of regularly updating your career progression plans and documents. This includes your resume and LinkedIn profile. It will help you not only keep your records current, but also remember all your milestones and achievements, so you have them immediately available when an opportunity arises and calls for them.

How Can You Maintain the Momentum?

Pat yourself on the back and acknowledge your successes, but never get complacent. Instead, think about how you can capitalize on them.

  • Don’t bury your failures. Painful though it may be, it helps to think about what didn’t go so well, as well as celebrating the good things. Learn the right lessons, so you can turn last year’s setbacks into this year’s progress.

Update Your Goals

Put all this together and begin shaping your 2019 career goals.

  • SMART goals still hold true. All your goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound.
  • Think about which resources you’ll need. It may be support from team members, your manager or other professional contacts or coaches. Research all of these and make them part of your plan.

At PrideStaff Modesto, we love helping people succeed – and we’d love to help you find and follow your desired career plan. Whether that means advancing in your current role or finding a new one in 2019, we can help you get there. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.

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