These Are the Top Leadership Skills You Should Have

What skills and qualities do you need to stay on top of your team – and your company’s – performance, while at the same time keeping your own career on the growth track?

Being a true leader is all about adding value, embracing change, driving innovation and positioning your organization as a competitive frontrunner.

A Leadership Checklist

Here’s a synopsis of traits to master as you make leadership development the driving force in your future:

  • Be an organizational champion. Let your decisions and behaviors be driven by your own personal values and your company’s mission. No matter how busy you are, take time to reflect on how your actions ripple through your team members and your business – and how co-workers and customers will be impacted by them.
  • Be a lifelong learner. Continuously develop a broad base of knowledge, so you’re well-equipped to anticipate and lead change. Develop your outside interests as well as professional ones. This allows you to recharge and be resilient, even under the most demanding circumstances.
  • Seek feedback and build collaboration. Listen to and acknowledge different points of view. The only way to build a successful organization is to create an environment where everyone works well together.
  • Be emotionally intelligent. A good leader recognizes that things don’t always go their way. Take responsibility, take the bad with the good, and learn from your mistakes. Emotionally fit leaders are able to manage their stress levels. They don’t take their emotions or frustrations out on their team. Moreover, they are empathetic, understanding what makes their employees tick. This enables them to motivate and inspire people more effectively.
  • Be a communicator. Ensure that everyone not only knows what their role is, but also understands all the expectations that accompany that role. Ask people what they need to succeed – and actively listen to their answers. Listening lets employees know they are valued, and encourages them to participate and contribute.
  • Lead by example. Walk the talk. The best leaders not only do the right thing, but are seen doing the right thing. As noted by Dropbox CEO, Drew Houston, “We can write down all the pretty words about our culture and our values that we want, but people pay a thousand times more attention to what you do as a leader.”

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