Your job interview is your opportunity to set yourself apart from equally qualified candidates and establish your personality and cultural fit with a company. Your resume has gotten you this far. Now, you need to step beyond the skills and qualifications outlined there and really shine.

It all comes down to communication. According to one recent study, verbal communication was the number-one skill valued by employers as they evaluated recent college graduates. At any career level, being well spoken is the best way to gain a competitive edge.

So, polish your communication skills and practice for your interview. Be prepared to:

Convey your enthusiasm.

Make your excitement about the position obvious. Companies want to hire people who are eager to work for them.

  • Your passion sets you apart as someone who is not simply looking for a job, but is building their career. When you talk about what truly drives you, your passion shines through. Address this, especially when you respond to such questions as “Why do you want this job?” and “What do you like to do outside of work?”

Avoid generic responses.

Don’t force your interviewers to dig for the answers they want. Be prepared with specific examples from your past experience that quantify your value. Use numbers and statistics to illustrate successful results.

  • Candidates with strong communication skills can talk about their past achievements in precise, confident terms. Before your interview, anticipate which questions you may be asked. Rehearse your answers, so you can deliver them seamlessly and naturally, without sounding rehearsed.

Be growth oriented.

Express your desire to grow within a position for your own good and the good of the company – not necessarily to climb the ladder.

Be yourself.

Be genuine in your delivery of all interview responses. Come across as authentic, so you build rapport with your interviewers. They should come away with a good idea of what it would be like to have you on their team.

Ask good questions.

Be prepared with your own questions as you head into your interview. This shows your interest, initiative and organizational strengths. It also helps to engage your interviewers and facilitate two-way dialogue.

  • Most importantly, your questions help you to determine whether the job is right for you. An interview is a two-way conversation. You’re evaluating the company as much as they’re evaluating you.

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