To maintain a top-notch workforce, you have to attract top-notch talent. This can be challenging in today’s economy, as leading candidates can pick and choose where they work and what they do.

As noted in Forbes, recruitment is selling. Your company is your product, your desired candidate is your sales lead, and every interview is a sales call. Your job is to generate enough interest that a candidate will consider your organization their first choice for employment.

Use Effective Salesmanship

Make the best impression possible in order to grab and hold candidate’s interest in your opportunity.

  • Look objectively at the job. Would you accept it? If the answer is no, then top talent is likely to feel the same way.
  • Know what you want in an employee. Take the time to craft a clear, detailed and comprehensive job description. Thoroughly describe your organization and the job, as well as expectations and requirements.
  • Include attractive features of your company culture. People want to work for an organization that values them and where they fit in. Is your company innovative and entrepreneurial? Then say so. Are you more traditional and conservative? “Top-quality, 50 years of legacy and counting” could help to convey this powerful message.
  • Offer competitive pay and benefits. Refer to this in your JD. Don’t leave it for candidates to infer; they want to know. If you don’t want to list a number, provide a salary range or simply say, “Competitive salary dependent on experience.” Lay out any perks that are especially appealing or unique to your company, such as a 401(k) and match, retirement benefits, health and dental plans and flexible scheduling.
  • Make your best impression. Take an interest in each candidate as an individual. Make them feel welcome, from first contact with your recruiter until they complete their hiring experience. Show appreciation for their time. Keep an open mind during the entire process.

The most important aspect of your successful candidate sourcing and hiring process is customizing it to the unique needs of your organization. The Pridestaff Modesto team can help you identify those needs and access the right talent in your area to fill them. Contact us today to talk more about your strategic talent solutions.

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