Employee appreciation doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate. But it does have to happen on a regular basis. And regardless of your budget for this purpose, if staff rewards and recognition are done right, you’ll find it’s money well spent.

By incorporating recognition into your company culture and daily routine, your business will benefit from increased employee engagement and productivity, higher talent retention rates and ultimately, a healthier bottom line.

Make It Personal

Unless you show your appreciation in a way that’s personal to an employee, your efforts will backfire. Take the time to notice individual employees’ positive contributions and successes. Get to know the person and what a meaningful form of recognition would be for them. For instance, some people need public acknowledgement, such as a shout out at a town hall meeting. Others prefer a simple, heartfelt thank you delivered in person at their workstation.

  • Does an employee have a family at home? Maybe your recognition comes in the form of a gift card to the movies, a local theme or waterpark, or a sporting event.
  • What interests an employee outside of work? Learn their preferences and favorite hobbies and interests, and tailor your rewards accordingly.
  • Accompany gifts with a personalized card or note. This makes the entire experience truly powerful and memorable.

Use every opportunity available to express your gratitude and appreciation. Keep it real and keep it sincere. Practicing this regularly will make both your employees and you feel better, knowing that you took the time to care.

More Ideas

Employee appreciation can come in many forms:

  • Money: Salary-based raises, bonuses, gift certificates or cash awards.
  • Written words: In addition to thank-you notes, letters of appreciation in employee files, postings on bulletin boards or articles in company media.
  • Development opportunities: Sending people to conferences and seminars or working out a personalized career growth plan.
  • Fun treats: Buying pizza or subs for an employee and their entire team, a special delivery of cookies or a fruit basket or renting a popcorn machine for a week.
  • Symbols and honors: Certificates, plaques, a larger office or work area or better equipment.

Again, it all comes down to the person and what would make the best impact on them.

The workforce development experts at PrideStaff Fresno can help you keep employee recognition fresh, relevant and meaningful to everyone involved. For more ideas on this and other talent management strategies, contact us today.

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