The best employees are constantly looking to better themselves and improve their performance. As a result, they crave specific, timely feedback.

The traditional practice of conducting performance reviews annually – or even on a six-month or quarterly basis – is no longer sufficient to meet employee demands or the changing pace of business. As noted by author Daniel Pink, “There’s no way to get better at something you only hear about once a year.”

The Benefits of Frequent Reviews

Everyone in the organization benefits from frequent employee reviews.

  • Problematic behavior is nipped in the bud. You get ahead of bad behavior, before it spreads like a virus through your workplace.
  • Productivity grows. Knowing how they’re doing on a real-time basis helps people to maximize their output. It’s easier for people to stay on track when they have smaller time spans to focus on. In the unfortunate cases of individuals with subpar performance, the corrective actions that need to be taken come as less of a surprise.
  • Employee engagement and development are enhanced. Research has shown that employees whose managers communicate with them regularly are nearly three times more engaged than those whose managers don’t regularly provide feedback. Forty-three percent of highly engaged employees receive management feedback at least once a week.

How to Get the Most From an Employee Review

To ensure that your employees – and your business – get the most from employee reviews:

  • Train your managers to have the “hard” conversations. This is based on making employee feedback about the issues, not the people. Create a culture where both rank and file workers and management give feedback on the spot.
  • Make reviews a two-way process. Just as managers review their employees, employees should review their managers. Managers should regularly ask their employees if they need anything from them, if they could be doing their own jobs better, and if they have all the tools they need for ongoing success. Managers who received feedback on their strengths showed an 8.9 percent jump in profitability.

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