What happens after your job interview is just as critical as your advance preparations when it comes to the overall success of your search. Following up can have a significant impact on whether or not an offer is extended.

Post-interview follow-up addresses a key employer concern: your interest level in the position. It also gives you an opportunity to demonstrate favorable personal and professional qualities that are typically sought by employers: dedication, tenacity, attention to detail and the ability to follow through.

In some cases, an employer may even use lack of follow-up as a screening device – a way to narrow down the number of candidates. More often, there are several strong contenders for a job, leaving the employer with a difficult hiring decision. Follow-up, when handled well, offers a strategic means of tipping the scales in your favor.

Keep Communication Lines Open

Following up after your interview ensures you keep lines of communication open with the person or persons who may be making a final candidate selection. It also offers these advantages:

  • You can ask more questions. There may be things about the company or the position you didn’t think to ask during your interview. The follow-up process allows you to address them; as an added plus, this further shows your interest.
  • It helps an employer remember you. It’s critical to keep your name fresh in the mind of the recruiter or manager who interviewed you. They are bombarded with applications, resumes and candidates. It can be easy to forget who they talked to when, especially if multiple interviews are occurring. A follow-up thank-you note and other measures are a great way to jog their memory.
  • You will shine as a professional. Following up helps you to stand out in a professional manner. Some candidates won’t make this extra effort. If you follow up, a hiring manager will be more apt to contact you to ask additional questions or invite you to apply for future openings, because they know you’re serious about your career aspirations.
  • It boosts your confidence level. Job searching is difficult. Over time, it can become hard on your psyche. By following up after an interview, you put your best foot forward. This leads to increased confidence, improved interpersonal skills and a more positive outlook.

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