There is no one who doesn’t like being recognized for a job well done – even your most introverted, laid-back team members. On an ongoing basis, employee recognition may be simply a few short words of praise and encouragement to maintain a positive flow in the workplace environment. Your more formal program will likely include some type of organized presentations and events.

On every level, employee recognition is important as it boosts:

  • Engagement: When someone receives praise or kudos, they tend to give back the same level of performance – or better.
  • Business results: Rewards and recognition have a direct impact on your bottom line, as a result of improved morale, employee satisfaction and ultimately, productivity.
  • Retention: People who feel appreciated tend to be more loyal to their company, and stick around longer.
  • Ownership: When an employee receives an award for their services, they feel a stronger sense of belonging and ownership for their workplace.

Guidelines for an Effective Recognition Program

Use these guidelines as you create a strong, effective employee recognition program:

  • Make it clearly defined and planned.
  • Be sure it accounts for the individual achievements of each person, regardless of their position.
  • Include both informal and formal ways to reward.
  • Revise and tweak your program as needed, to avoid saturation or predictability.

Follow these steps:

  • Identify the goal of your program. Define what you want to achieve. Begin by meeting with your senior management team to gather their ideas and input. Then, take it to the rank-and-file as well. Unless it is personalized and relevant to every member of your workforce, your program will backfire and possibly even do more harm than good.
  • Set a budget. Keep in mind the financial state of your business, and reserve a practical amount. A successful recognition program can run on little to no cost, but by setting aside at least some money for rewards, you can differentiate between levels of acknowledgement.
  • Establish criteria and guidelines. Base these on your company core values. Be sure your program is fair and unbiased. Have a specific list of points according to which employees will be recognized.
  • Select the right rewards. Tailor them to the recipient. Be creative and thoughtful. For the young millennial, the best award may be an online shopping coupon or a new headset. A more mature worker may appreciate a family night at the movies or ballpark. Look at personal favorites: sports teams, activities, hobbies … you get it. Make it relevant, just as if you were shopping for a loved one’s birthday or holiday gift.
  • Communicate with your employees. Tell everyone about your program. If every employee knows about it, they will be encouraged to both participate and ramp up their own performance. Moreover, this creates a trust factor in their minds and makes them feel as if their efforts really count.

As you develop your successful employee recognition program, turn to the workforce development experts at PrideStaff Modesto. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.

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