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Is it time for a career pivot?

If you’re considering a change in careers, good for you! You should never let yourself get bogged down into thinking you have only one professional path in life. While you don’t want your chosen field to be a moving target or “flavor of the month,” a carefully strategized directional change can be the best move you’ve ever made.

Think about what you love doing and feel passionate about the environment in which you most like to work, and the kind of people you most enjoy working with. Then … go for it!

Now What?

Once your mind is made up, keep these key points in mind as you venture forward into new career territory:

  • Work toward your new career over a period of time.

You might begin by taking an evening course, shadowing someone in your desired field, or learning new skills that will ultimately make you more marketable. You may move into your new career through a series of jobs, rather than in one single leap. This becomes especially important if you want to protect your current salary level, rather than going back to lower-level wages.

  • Have faith in yourself.

One of the most challenging aspects of a career change is believing that you can do it. You are redefining yourself professionally – and you must believe deeply that you can do it. Then others will, too.

  • Network with the right people.

Reach out to your contacts and get the right people on board; namely those who will always support you. You may have to be a bit covert if you’re still employed in your current field, but you need to carefully select your most trusted connections and enlist their help. Get to know passionate, successful people who work in your desired field. The best way to do this is to note something they are doing that is impressive or interesting. From here, build rapport with them. Then, you can ask for their input, guidance or advice.

What to Say at Your Interview

Once you reach the interview stage, it can be a hurdle to convince a hiring manager that you are making the right move. Before you speak with a prospective employer, prepare a strategy that will best position you for success.

  • Emphasize your transferrable skills.

Analyze your past achievements, with a focus on skills you can convert to your new field. Study the job description and make a list of any matching traits that you possess, such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving or data analysis.

  • Describe your long-term goals.

Make your interviewer aware that your career change is a deliberate one and that you firmly believe the long-range outcome will be in your best interest – and theirs. Maybe you found it necessary to take a step backwards, accept a temporary position or make a lateral move in order to achieve your goal. Discussing these nuances helps a hiring manager to understand that you have done all this purposely, with a strategic goal in mind.

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