Should You Ever Be “Hands Off” in Your Job Search?

Focus is key when searching for a job. You need to stay on track and optimize your time for the best possible results. To stay “hands on,” be sure to target specific positions and industries – and consider working with a professional recruiter who can help you pinpoint and achieve the right career fit.

Hit Your Target

The whole point of a target is to hit the center. Stay focused in your job search by:

  • Customizing every resume and cover letter. Tailor all your tools to the position. Note keywords from the job description and make them prominent in all your materials. The average recruiter spends six to 10 seconds on the initial scan of a resume, so make sure you grab and hold their attention. The same holds true for applicant tracking systems, which will automatically reject resumes that lack specificity.
  • Considering your passions. Find similarities between the path you want to follow and your work/life balance needs. Think about your personal brand, and then find a role that fits.
  • Doing your homework. Research companies and jobs. Then, you will be prepared to talk and take action in your interview.
  • Knowing your qualifications. Know your skills and qualifications, so you can direct your efforts towards positions that best utilize them.
  • The best jobs are never advertised. Rather, they are spread via word of mouth and personal networking. Your professional contacts and connections are essential.

How Your Recruiter Can Help

Build a relationship with a professional recruiter who can serve as your liaison to hiring managers and coach you through the job hunt process. Your recruiter can help you succeed by:

  • Connecting you with prospects. Recruiters are tapped into the market, including those prime, unadvertised jobs. They can help you get your foot in the door.
  • Marketing your talent. Your recruiter will get to know you and understand your passion for your work. They’ll do more than just share your resume. They will become your greatest advocate as they discuss your unique talents with hiring managers.
  • Providing industry insight. Recruiters have the latest information on who’s hiring, salaries, and other key market intelligence. They can provide and update this strategic context for your search.
  • Helping you polish up your portfolio. In partnership with your recruiter, you will keep your resume and other collateral materials up to date and sharp, so they catch and hold the attention of prospective employers.
  • This includes identifying and filling any gaps in your current skillset. Working as your career coach, your recruiter will help you feel prepared, confident, and capable of speaking with ease about yourself and the value you can add once hired

Utilize these frequently-asked questions – and contact a PrideStaff Modesto recruiter today to ensure that you stay on track in your job hunt. We’ll help you land the right opportunity and not just search, but succeed.