You are only as good as your team – and the way you communicate with team members is critical to meeting objectives and motivating people. You need to make sure that everyone is focused on common goals. Communication must be delivered in a way that is truthful and honest, in order to create a true connection between you and your employees.

Make Sure People Are Listening

The key to getting your staff to really listen to you is to show empathy and transparency. This inspires employees to greater collaboration.

  • Be open. Even if you don’t have the answers … after all, nobody knows everything. By developing a trust-based relationship with every team member, you will build overall loyalty.
  • Tell compelling stories. Don’t just reel off facts and figures when providing communication updates. Try and bring every discussion back to real-life situations. Personal accounts are much more meaningful and effective.
  • Actively listen. Let others speak 90 percent of the time. Don’t interrupt. Then paraphrase what they said as you respond. If you’re not totally there with your employees, they won’t be there with you either. By truly listening, you earn respect.
  • Show empathy. If you show genuine concern for your team members, they will work harder and focus on exceeding expectations. Remember: They are real people with real feelings and emotions. If you stand by them, especially when they are experiencing difficulties, you will be rewarded with dedicated, loyal employees.
  • Know the value of body language. Be mindful not only of verbal cues, but also of the power of non-verbal communication. Facial expressions, nods, eye contact and gestures can lead to an understood communication between people, which shows that they are attuned to each other’s thoughts and needs.
  • Get some formal training. Just as you should provide opportunities for your staff to grow professionally, make sure you are constantly improving as well. Take communication courses, find a coach, or read, surf the web and talk to other business leaders to become a better motivator.

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