Research has consistently shown that the more involved employees are in decision-making at their companies, the better it is for morale, motivation, engagement, and overall levels of job satisfaction. So it’s not surprising that involving current team members in your hiring process can yield numerous positive results for them and for you.

Firms including Google, Facebook and Apple have demonstrated the connection between improved employee collaboration and increases in profitability and innovation. Known as team-based hiring, this approach can enable your organization to benefit from a shift away from a strictly top-down approach.

Improve your hiring results with a collaborative approach.

Involving your employees in the hiring process makes them highly visible, thus sending candidates a positive message about what great coworkers they would be. Your employees’ input and knowledge sharing can become a top selling point for your company.

  • Enhance your employer brand image. Publicize the fact that you involve employees in hiring and other important company decisions. This will enhance your brand image and thus improve future recruiting efforts.

Your current employees are your best ambassadors.

Your team members live their jobs every day and are the most likely to know the compelling features of their roles. And, they are likely to be perceived by candidates as authentic and credible. They can answer questions and alleviate any hesitations or potential fears. In the long run, this interaction helps to reduce the chances of early new hire dissatisfaction or turnover.

  • Reduce turnover among current employees, as well. As your team members are charged with selling your company during interviews, they will learn more and become more aware of your company’s positive features. This may reenergize their loyalty and remind them why they should continue to grow their careers at your organization.

Minimize hiring mistakes.

Because multiple individuals are involved, you get a better overall assessment of candidates via collaborative hiring. Diverse perspectives increase the probability that a new hire will be a good fit. A team interview reveals far more than a single-person interview can.

Improve employee referrals.

As they participate in interviews, current employees are reminded of the value added by A-level new hires. This realization can positively impact both the volume and quality of your employee referral program.

Boost productivity.

Because employees get to know new hires during the hiring process, they help them to acclimate more quickly once they are on the job. And, since team members had input into the hiring decision, they feel more like they “own” their new counterparts. This makes for a smoother, more efficient onboarding and orientation for all involved.

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