To land top talent, you need to borrow a page from your marketing department and apply some serious selling strategy to your hiring process. Just like your company competes for customers to buy your products or services, you’re in a competitive bidding war for the top talent on the market.

Share what makes your organization the best place to work by following these tactics:

Share Your Success

Tell candidates about your company’s greatest achievements and accomplishments. Show how the entire team – including them, if they come on board – is responsible for this success, and reaps the rewards.

  • This includes recognizing individual milestones. Tailor your employee recognition programs to the individual wants, needs and preferences of each person. Celebrate successes, both with individual shout outs to those who go the extra mile and team recognitions to further boost morale and future innovation.

Show How You’re Unique

You don’t want to lose a top-tier candidate to a competitor because they offer something that you don’t. During the hiring process, share insights about your culture and team environment that entice the right candidates.

  • Highlight product innovations unique to your company. Focus on those that involve state-of-the-art technology. Knowing that they will get to work on the “latest and greatest” is a surefire way to get the attention of the best talent.
  • Emphasize the differences between your firm and others in the industry, especially if the candidate is already employed elsewhere. They may just be testing the waters, so it helps to illustrate how it would be worth their while to come and work for you.

Provide the Best Benefits

Tailor each compensation package to a candidate’s individual requirements. For some, this includes tuition reimbursement and free gym memberships. For others, family health insurance and an on-site day care center will be the fulcrum points.

  • Show that yours is a culture that values them, their contributions, and their personal well-being. For many, including the millennials who are now the dominant global workforce population segment, work-life balance takes precedence … even over salary.
  • Benefits can be key differentiators. Leading the pack in terms preferences are flex time, telecommuting and job sharing. Competitive matching 401(k) plans will never lose their luster, and profit sharing options boost employees’ sense of leadership and incite them to work as hard as possible to ensure success. But the bigger point is: Find out what a candidate wants and make it happen.

Offer Growth & Development

The best employees want to work at companies where they can continually advance their careers. From the start, give them the assurance that there will be opportunities for this to happen.

  • Fine-tune your training programs. Show candidates how they can develop the skills they need to move up, versus move out.
  • Support employees in their growth. Cover the cost of professional memberships, seminars and workshops, and allow people ample time to participate. Let them adjust their schedules to take a course. Everybody wins, as your employee is happier and more engaged, your company benefits from their well-honed skills, and word of your positive employer value proposition quickly spreads.

The PrideStaff Modesto team of specialized recruiters can help you develop the strategy you need to effectively sell your company and its culture – and build an industry-leading team for your future. Contact us today to get started on your customized talent management plan.

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