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It’s tough to go to work every day when the thrill of the job is gone. Or maybe it was never there to begin with. According to one recent industry survey, this is the case for close to three quarters of professionals. Among more than 1,000 respondents, 38 percent said their work was “okay, I guess …” and another 35 percent said they flat-out hated their jobs. Do these sentiments ring true with you?

Maybe You Can Find Meaning in Your Work

Sometimes, if you can’t have the job you love, you have to love the job you’re in. In other words, you don’t have to love – or even like – every aspect of your work in order to find some enjoyment in the day-to-day successes. This can be at least a temporary fix, until you decide what your next career move should be.

  • Distinguish between your job – and the way you do it. Every position has aspects that are unpleasant. You must be able to get through them and maintain a positive attitude. You don’t always have to be passionate about the job itself, just about how you do it. Whatever task is on your daily to-do list, give it your best. At least one very wise person has summarized this by saying, “If you’re going through hell, keep walking till you get back out.” At the end of the day, try to ensure that you can pat yourself on the back and feel as though you gave it your best.
  • Don’t be afraid of being stuck in an unpleasant job forever. Those who emphasize the positive and rewarding aspects of their work don’t stay in toxic jobs very long. They either get promoted or use their good performance records to move into more fulfilling positions – either within their current organizations or somewhere else.

And If Not …

If you’ve reached the point where you’ve rationally concluded that your job is unbearable for the long term, this is actually not a bad place to be. At least you know. Now, you can plan your next steps. Follow these tips, and be excited about what lies ahead:

  • Hang in there. Don’t quit too soon. It’s easier – and you’ll be in a better bargaining position – to find a job when you already have one. Initially, take some time to update your resume and online presence, line up trusted references and build your professional network.
  • Be discreet. You can vent to trusted friends and family members, but don’t broadcast the fact that you hate your job, especially on social media sites. Your employer, among countless others, will see what you post. Tweets, for example, show up in Google searches. You don’t want to risk losing your current job before you find a better one.
  • Use job search engines. See what’s available for candidates with your background and interests. Then, test the waters. Start applying for jobs and talking privately with your contacts about your situation and goals. Be patient. It may take a while, so be prepared for the long haul.

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