Maintaining a Proper Work-Life Balance as Summer Heats Up

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Summer can pose unique challenges when it comes to managing your work load and taking care of yourself and your family. Being able to maintain a healthy work-life balance has become increasingly important as workers across all industries have even more on their plates.

You don’t have to make major changes to find this mental equilibrium. A little rest and relaxation here and there goes a long way towards enhanced health and happiness.

Focus on What Matters Most

There are only 24 hours in every day, so use them wisely. The more organized you are on the front end, the less time you’ll waste scrambling to catch up later on.

Keep your calendar updated.
Keep all meetings, appointments and deadlines current. In addition, include the fun stuff, such as your upcoming weekend camping trip.

Make a daily to-do list.
You can do this at the end of the day or first thing in the morning. It will be 10-to-15 minutes well spent. When it comes to checking items off the list, complete your least favorite ones first. Record how much time it takes you for each item. At the end of a week, brainstorm how you could get things done more efficiently to cut out extra time. Set priorities, dedicating optimal time to the things you really want to do.

Know when to say “no.
Drawing the line can be easier said than done, but it’s critical that you take charge and be your own advocate for your time. On the flip side, if the fun begins to interfere with your work performance, then it’s time to cut back in that regard as well.

Leave work at work.
Make a clear distinction between where work ends and your personal life begins. Don’t make a habit of staying in the office late or taking work home, unless it’s a true emergency. When you bring work home, it can become difficult to separate professional and personal time. This leads to a strain on your relationships and eventually, to serious job burnout.

Don’t waste time.
Avoid getting caught up in office gossip or wasting time on non-work-related social media. Be conscientious of how much time you spend not getting work done. Engage only in value-added actiSharevities, so you can shut it down and go home sooner: physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

Make time for fun.
Use your vacation time – all of it. Even an occasional break to relax by the pool or take your kids to the park can make a major difference.

Consider finding a form of exercise that makes you happy.
Numerous studies have shown that the best way to relieve stress is to get moving, and there’s no better time than summer to make this a priority. A simple 20-minute walk or swim a few times a week can be a lifesaver. Ultimately, you’ll get more done with an increased energy level and a better ability to focus.

Time for a Change?

Maybe it’s time for a career change to get your life in balance. The summer months can be an opportune time to kick start or reenergize your job search efforts. Let the experienced recruiters at PrideStaff Modesto help. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.


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