Landing a job interview is no small feat. You’ve impressed a prospective employer enough that they want to learn more about you, your qualifications and your overall fit as a member of their Employment in Modesto Californiateam.

You should feel very good about this opportunity.

You also need to be prepared to make the best possible first impression. The hiring manager already knows the basics about you from your resume.  Now they’re saying, “Here’s your chance to prove to us that you’re all you say you are – and preferably even more.” And your first impression can make or break your chances of success.

Do Your Homework

Learn all you can about the company, your interviewers and the job. This shows that you’re well organized, take initiative, and are serious about the position.

  • Start with the company website. From there, turn to its LinkedIn and Facebook pages, as well as other social media venues. Google your interviewers and check their online profiles so you know something about them.
  • Use your personal connections. If possible, speak with current or former company employees. Ask them what the organization values most in its workforce.
  • Scope out the location in advance. Know the best and at least one alternate route, so you arrive in plenty of time. Plan to be at least 10 minutes early. Then you can organize and recollect yourself well. In addition, being punctual shows your reliability.

Dress the Part

Your appearance and demeanor speak volumes about your suitability for a job. Remember, when you interview, you’re a salesperson and the product is you. So be sure to package it well.

  • Dress for the job you want, not the one you currently have or formerly held. Try and get a sense of company dress code and if in doubt, kick it up just a notch. Dress professionally and conservatively. Think “polished.” This means clean, neat and well groomed. Leave the dangly earrings and any visible body piercings at home!

Watch Your Body Language

What you say in an interview is obviously very important. But also be aware of the non-verbal messages you send. The manner in which you carry yourself and your overall body language should reflect your passion, interest and enthusiasm without appearing arrogant or overconfident.

  • Make eye contact, but don’t stare. Sit relaxed but not slouched, with your head in line with your spine. Maintain a calm, poised demeanor as long as you’re on company premises.
  • Show that you’re actively listening. You should be able to paraphrase back what an interviewer has asked and answer questions in a way that satisfies whatever they have on their mind. Look for the purpose underlying a question. What does the interviewer want to know and how can you best respond?

Be Positive from Start to Finish

From the time you arrive on the premises till you pull out of the parking lot, be positive and professional with everyone you encounter.  It begins with your sincere smile and firm handshake – and even beforehand, as you interact with security personnel, receptionists and others.

  • Leave on a high note. Indicate that you enjoyed the experience and look forward to hearing back from the company. Thank everyone.
  • Be polite and friendly to everyone. Your interviewer may ask them their impression of you afterwards.

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