Recruitment is about selling – and as an employer, your product is your company. An interview is a two-way street. Not only are you assessing candidates, but they’re trying to get a good look at your organization and determine whether it’s Interview Tips and Best Practices in Modesto where they want to continue their career. Your effective salesmanship depends on maximizing candidate interest while at the same time conducting a thorough analysis of each applicant.

Know What You’re Selling

Before a sales representative can close a deal, they must have a strong knowledge of their target market – or in the case of a job interview, their desired candidate.

  • Your job description is your marketing brochure. List the traits and qualifications you’re looking for and be as transparent as possible in presenting them.
  • Know everything possible about the position. Your JD should include an accurate description of your organization as well as the duties, expectations and requirements of the position. Include information on the compensation package and benefits. If you don’t have a clear-cut role to sell, candidates will quickly look elsewhere.

Be Passionate About the Position

In order to effectively sell an opportunity to a candidate, you need to present them with an opening that has some allure. If you were in their shoes, would you take the job?

  • Know what’s important to each individual applicant. Besides salary and job duties, what do they want? What are their motivators? For instance, they may be seeking flex time, more learning opportunities, or the chance to regularly work on challenging, high-profile projects.
  • Know what makes your company unique. Are you an industry leader? Do you make a true difference in your community and/or society as a whole? Find and sell those features that will get the candidate excited about working for you versus the competition.
  • Know your culture. More and more candidates, especially millennials, want details on company culture before they’ll consider an offer. Explain what yours is like: the perks, the people and the overall work atmosphere. When you talk culture during an interview, not only will you entice top talent, but candidates will gain a clear sense of whether the job is right for them.

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