Beginning with your resume, the success of your job search relies on how well you demonstrate that you can add value to an organization. If your resume is a success, chances are you’ll land an interview – the next big step in impressing a Proving You Bring Value to an Organization when You Startprospective employer.

Value via Your Resume

Your resume helps an employer to decide whether they want to shortlist you for an interview. When you add value to your resume and any supporting documents, you boost your chances of making it to the next candidate selection round.

  • Include details on how you added value to past organizations. Use specific numbers to highlight results that you achieved. For instance, if you built sales or increased profits, list the percentage of improvement accomplished.
  • Make the information relevant. All the numbers in the world won’t make an impression unless they apply to the job for which you’re being considered. Carefully review the job description or posting and tailor your resume – and in fact, your entire presentation strategy – to meeting your prospective employer’s needs.
  • Prepare your references. Not only should you submit a list of three or four solid references, but you also should keep them informed of the specifics regarding employers who may be likely to contact them. Your references can be a tremendous asset in showcasing the value you bring to the table.

At the Interview

Treat your job interview like a sales pitch during which you promote yourself and all you can do for the company. Your success will depend on your ability to discover your interviewer’s needs and empathize with them.

  • Interview yourself first. Ask yourself a series of questions, the answers to which will help you understand your own value. For instance: What are you really good at in the context of your work? What qualities do you have that will add real value to the company? What would be your greatest asset to them? These questions dig deep into your psyche and help you develop confidence and the conviction that you’re the right person for the role.
  • Write a winning elevator speech. This is a sentence or two that highlights your skills, qualities and talents and entices the interviewer to listen and want to hear more. Speak about the future of the organization and how you can help them get there.
  • Rehearse with a trusted friend. Have them ask questions that you expect to hear during your interview. Respond using talking points from your elevator speech, as well as facts and numbers that detail your previous value-added accomplishments.

Seal the Deal

Dress and act professionally, show enthusiasm and confidence, and at the conclusion of your interview, express your thanks. When you get home, send a thoughtful, well-written yet brief note to everyone you met. Follow up as appropriate, without being overly aggressive. In other words, continue that sales pitch right up until you seal the deal and an offer is made.

How Can PrideStaff Modesto Assist Your Job Search?

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