It’s 2014 and we’re deeply ingrained in the social media age. And yes, that needs to be the focal point of your career networking activity. But you need to further expand your strategy and get creative with off-line sources.PrideStaff Modesto | Tips on Networking in Modesto California Networking is about building relationships that lead to new opportunities, using whichever media or method is most relevant to your unique goals.

Tips on Networking Like A Champion in Modesto

Social Media
Never underestimate how interested hiring managers are in finding you online. Many of them believe they can connect with the best candidates using social media and chances are, they’re right on. So be sure to spend your time and energy in networks where you’ll successfully connect with prospective employers.

The Society for Human Resource Management provides these statistics regarding how companies use social media:

  • 77 percent rely on social networking tools to recruit potential job candidates.
  • 69 percent use it to target and recruit talent with specific skill sets.
  • 67 percent capitalize on it to boost their own employer brands.
  • 57 percent use it to allow potential candidates to easily contact their organization regarding employment.

Which platforms do employers perceive as most valuable?

  • 92 percent use LinkedIn.
  • 58 percent use Facebook.
  • 31 percent use Twitter.
  • 25 percent used Google+.

Here are some tips for leveraging social media tools in your networking strategy:

  • Use the platforms that make the most sense for you. Don’t necessarily limit yourself to “professional” site like LinkedIn. Participate in those that showcase your best skills. For instance, if you like to post short updates, use Twitter. If you’re a strong writer, start your own blog. If you’re in a visual field, create collages on Twitter to post as tweets when using a mobile app – or upload photos onto Facebook and make them public and searchable.
  • Be searchable. Optimize you online profiles by including keywords that employers will use to search for someone like you. Add professional skills to your Facebook profile and make this section public. With the introduction of Graph Search, recruiters use Facebook to search for individuals whose profile details match open jobs.

General Networking Tips
If you’re serious about job hunting, you’re always networking. In addition to optimizing your social media presence, you might be surprised where leads emerge. But this is only true if you’re aware of all the possibilities and incorporate them into your overall strategy.

  • Know how to make your pitch. Be clear regarding your employment goals. Craft an “elevator speech” and practice delivering it in 10, 30 and 60 second increments so you can “turn it on” on a moment’s notice.
  • Keep track of your contacts. Maintain detailed records of your networking activity. Who did you talk to? When? What did you discuss? What were the results? Record it all using a reliable system, whether it’s an Excel spreadsheet or a simple set of index cards.
  • Build your net worth. Thank everyone who helps you and keep those who are interested posted on the progress you make. Last but not least, make yourself available as a resource for other job seekers. Follow the Golden Rule by treating them the way you’d like to be treated by others within your professional network.

Looking for Additional Resources on Networking?

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