Close to a third of all U.S. workers are employed in temporary or consulting jobs. In many cases, these non-standard work arrangements are stepping stones to permanent, full-time employment. The American Staffing Tips on Landing a Job After Graduating Near Modesto CaliforniaAssociation reports that 90 percent of employers work with temporary staffing firms as they seek to find the best and most qualified candidates.

As a new graduate, the benefits of temporary work are numerous as you build your resume, work experience and network of professional contacts. Plus, you can start banking money to address those inevitable loan payments!

Try It Before You Buy It
There’s no guarantee that temporary employment will become permanent – and this may be a good thing. If you’re still trying to define exactly which career path you want to follow, temping can enable you to “test drive” different industries, organizations and geographic locations.

  • You get your foot in the door, often at a generous rate of pay. Companies typically compensate well if you can step in and quickly address their needs.
  • Temporary work often isn’t so “temporary.” The lengths of many assignments and contracts have become longer. It’s not unusual for them to last three, four or six months or more. If you love the assignment, you can let it be known that you’d welcome the chance to be considered for permanent hiring when the opportunity arises. And if not, you still win. When you’re earning money, you feel better about yourself.
  • By positioning yourself well as a temp, you prove your permanent value. This places you high on the candidate selection list when a permanent job opens.

Enhance Your Resume
Working as a temp gives you exposure to a variety of environments, products and management styles. This enhances your overall base of experience and offers greater flexibility for your future employment options. As a temporary consultant, you gain extensive knowledge about various employers’ industries and operations.

  • Use the skills and experience you gain to “sell” your story to future employers. As a temp, you demonstrate your strong work ethic, ability to be flexible and take on new assignments, and adaptability to fill various needs. These attributes have great value in the labor market.
  • Make yourself indispensable. Put that work ethic and your unique personality to work and be “on” every day. Arrive early, stay late, take on additional responsibilities, and fulfill your temporary role to the betterment of your department and the company. You’ll grab positive attention from those who matter when it comes to making employment decisions.

Build Your Professional Network
As a temporary employee, you’ll meet both respected veterans and up-and-coming talent in your field, and your staffing agency will always have a tab on the latest hiring managers and trends.

  • By building relationships with coworkers, you earn their respect and can add them to your LinkedIn and other professional contact lists. You never know when they may be in a position to refer you or help you out.

The staffing and career development experts at PrideStaff Modesto can partner with you as you define, develop and successfully pursue your new career. To learn more, read our related posts or contact us today.

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