You’ve successfully interviewed and been offered a job, but choose not to accept it. You have your reasons and, whatever they are, the position is just not right for you. By declining with grace and professionalism, the Employment in Modesto Californiaemployer and recruiter involved will remember you in a positive light. If handled correctly, turning down an offer may even help set up a future successful job search.

Respond Promptly and Formally
As soon as you know you can’t accept an offer, respond accordingly. This gives the employer optimal time to hire another candidate. Contact whomever the person was who made the offer.

  • Don’t wait till the 11th hour or fail to respond at all. This is highly unprofessional. Remember, hiring
     managers and recruiters are all in the same professional network. If you act inappropriately, word will get around. And you never know when you might run across the same interviewer or need to approach the same company again.
  • Clearly state that you’re rejecting the offer. Use words like “unfortunately” or “regrettably” before delivering the news. Then be diplomatic and briefly state your reason. You’re not obligated to go into detail. It’s sufficient to simply say that “the job did not meet my career objectives.”
  • Do be prepared to answer questions. The recruiter and employer will likely probe a bit into the factors that drove your decision. Be courteous and honest. Listen. Show that you care and that the company should think of you in the future. Never say anything offensive.
  • Put it in writing. Even if you initially decline an offer in person or by phone, follow up with a letter. This makes you look even more responsible and professional.

Show Your Gratitude
Before stating that you’re declining an employer’s offer, thank them for the privilege of being considered for the job. Show that you appreciate how hard they worked to introduce you and make you feel comfortable.

  • In addition to thanking your direct contact person, mention a few others whom you met and were helpful to you. Take this a step further by sending your recruiter and others LinkedIn invitations. Your goal is to make the employer feel good about you as a candidate and about their role in recruiting and selecting you.
  • Start and finish with grace. Remind the employer that you were impressed with the company and the possibility of working there. Wish your contact person and the organization luck in future endeavors. Be positive and appreciative as you bring closure to the process.

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