Choosing the right career in Modesto can be overwhelming. There are days when you feel like you may never get it right. Take Modest Employment Firm | PrideStaff Modestocomfort in the fact that only 5 percent of people find the right professional path on the first try. They’re known as “fast starters” who tend to be less creative, adventurous and innovative.  

It’s questionable whether you even want to be one of these people. But at the same time, you do want to succeed at finding the right career. Rather than focusing on a single direct path, it’s best to start by determining your own goals and needs, then aligning those findings with available opportunities.

Make a List of What You Like

  • And don’t like. Think about projects that incited you to go above and beyond. Were you inspired by the topic, the type of work required, or both? Drill down further to pinpoint what specific aspects you liked the most.
  • Now make a list of what you’re good at. These are things you naturally do well or are complimented on most frequently. Be honest with yourself about your weaknesses. You may love doing something, such as singing or oil painting, but your talents won’t make it past the shower or the community center art class.
  • Compare the two lists. Look for overlaps and start your career search there.

Think About What Works for You

  • Decide what concessions you’d be willing to make for your ideal job. Some positions require frequent overtime, travel or irregular hours. Others pay low salaries. It’s about accepting reality: No job is perfect in every way. Deciding on a career is somewhat analogous to deciding who to marry. You’ll find flaws in a career just as you do in your significant other. The deal breaker lies in whether or not they’re flaws you can live with, because the overall good far outweighs the occasional bad.
  • What’s the best environment for your personality type? It’s often helpful to take personality tests, such as the Myers-Briggs assessment. These help identify what you need in your work environment in order to thrive. Introverts and extroverts differ widely, though both can thrive in roles better suited for the opposite type, as long as they’re able to adapt the job to fit their style.

Research the Options

  • Ask family and friends about their careers. Talk to them about their experiences. Ask probing “why” questions to gain deeper insight. Then consider whether you agree with their viewpoints and remember what stands out to you the most.
  • Job shadow. Once you identify a career you may want to pursue, find people to job shadow for a day or two. Ideally, shadow at more than one company for a similar position; for instance, at a for-profit and non-profit organization or a small enterprise and a larger corporation. You also can job shadow virtually, to a certain extent.
  • Learn from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Check out the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) and Career Guide to Industries (CGI) for a wealth of current information on jobs, educational requirements and earnings.

Working with a professional career coach can be a tremendous asset as you define your career plans and strategy. Contact the Modesto recruitment experts at PrideStaff Modesto to learn more.

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