The company with the best talent has the greatest chance of winning in today’s competitive marketplace. To successfully maintain that edge, you need a hiring process that focuses equally on the present and the future – talking1and sets the highest possible standards of quality when deciding which candidates will join your team.

Focus on Quality over Speed
You can’t rush a great hiring process. If you take reckless shortcuts, you’ll shortchange your results as well. So while you do have to stay on track and not risk losing talent to the completion, don’t eliminate or underestimate these important steps:

  • Develop an accurate job description for every position. This document should reflect careful thought regarding the roles and responsibilities of the job, as well as the needed qualifications and soft skills.
  • Advertise in targeted media. The Internet and social sites including LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter are leading venues. But don’t overlook trade publications and local newspapers.
  • Prescreen using telephone interviews. This will help you to quickly narrow the field to top contenders for a position.
  • Make a plan and align your team. A key element is developing a uniform list of questions to ask each candidate. This maintains structure and offers an objective base for comparison after interviews have been completed.
  • Use a dependable assessment tool. This will help analyze candidates’ core behavioral traits and cognitive reasoning speed.
  • Run background checks.
  • Make a timely offer once a candidate is selected.

Proactively Network
When you’re looking to land top talent, professional networking is vital. There’s a lot of reciprocity in the marketplace, so take advantage of it. By the same token, be proactive in helping others with their hiring needs. What goes around, comes around.

  • Keep it proactive. Otherwise, by the time you make a decision you could already be experiencing diminished financial returns, customer satisfaction levels or both.  
  • Networking helps you to capitalize on hot industry trends. It enables you to continually evaluate the market and determine the right hiring strategy based upon not just the current status, but future forecasts.
  • Keep a pulse on passive candidates. Through networking, you can access A-level talent that is not actively job hunting. These are the superstars who consistently perform in the top 5 to 10 percent of their field.

Always Be Recruiting
The best time recruit is before you have a pressing need. We all know how fast things can change in business. A leading employee leaves, a new product line is introduced, or an acquisition is made – and virtually overnight, a talent gap occurs. Doing just one or two interviews a week can help strengthen your talent pipeline and add value to your company in the long run.

  • Recruiting does not equal hiring. You should always be recruiting so you can effectively hire.
  • Develop a pre-qualified candidate pool. The Harvard Business School Press recently reported that organizations that “always recruit” score in the top 20 percent in talent management and produce an average of 22 percent greater total revenues than those who take a more responsive approach.

Consider working with a specialized recruitment partner to build your talent bench strength and keep your recruitment and hiring process proactive and on track. Read our related posts or contact the team at PrideStaff Modesto today.

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