Finding the Perfect Job (What’s Even in a Perfect Job?)

Are you having trouble finding the perfect job? Does it even exist? And for starters, do Finding The Perfect Job with PrideStaff Modestoyou even know what your perfect job is?

You spend a lot of time at work – and it is your livelihood. So that means – or should mean – more than just a paycheck. It should be on par with passion, with getting up in the morning and looking forward to your day, with the satisfaction that comes with knowing you made the right choice in defining your career path.

How do you define the job that’s right for you? And how do you find it and make it your own?

Personality and Passion
Everything you do reflects your personality, and work is no exception. Your high school guidance counselor may have been onto something when she made you fill out that silly questionnaire to reveal which career plan should make post-graduation.

  • Don’t just get a job. Get a job that matches your character. It may seem like you have no choice, but with the right determination and mindset, you do. If you have to plan ahead for it – financially and otherwise – do so. But make it happen.
  • Don’t just get a job. Get a job you love. Years spent in the same position or with the same company can put you in a comfort zone – which is a euphemism for “rut” – and keep you from choosing a different career path. You may not hate your job, but there probably are other options out there that are better suited to you and the rest of your professional life.
  • Is there a product, service or aspect of society that you’ve always wanted to change? Consider this, as well as the non-negotiable items you need in your job, such as hours, flexibility, or giving back to the community.

Do a personality and passion self-examination. Did that proverbial light bulb go on – or maybe it was more like a flashing neon sign blaring “Time for a change!”

Finding Your Job
Here are some tips for finding the job that has “you” written all over it:

  • Target your dream companies. List the companies you’d most like to work for – and why. Then, search the Career, Jobs or Join Us links on their web sites. Many companies list prime jobs only on their own media, in order to reach out to their own network and avoid the chaos of public listings.
  • Stay up to date. Follow articles related to your particular career interest. Watch for updates and announcements about who is joining companies, who’s leaving, who’s hiring and who’s laying off.
  • Keep your skills current. Educate yourself on the newest programs, tools and methods related to your preferred career. Do not become that person who can’t open the presentation because you don’t know how!
  • Do unto others. If friends or colleagues send you their resume, don’t ignore them. Instead, reply and then do whatever you can to facilitate their job search. Remember, what goes around comes around.

A professional career coach can be an invaluable resource as you seek out your next job. To learn more, contact the expert team at PrideStaff Modesto. Perfection may just be within reach!

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