Keeping your employees happy and motivated is crucial to the overall ThrowingOutPapersuccess of your organization.

Happy, satisfied employees are more productive and much better at working collaboratively with their co-workers. On the flipside, when morale is low in your organization, your employees are far more likely to underperform, experience conflicts with one another and, in some cases, begin looking for work elsewhere. 

So what causes low morale?

The number one cause of low morale in the workplace is poor leadership. While it’s tempting to exclusively blame your employees, chances are a problem of morale is coming from the top down.

Low morale is also frequently caused by some combination of the following things: frequent interpersonal conflicts between employees; an unappealing or depressing work environment; a lack of clear pathways for employee advancement within the company; and poor compensation.

Here are three ways to eliminate low morale and boost productivity in your workplace.

Management Training for Senior Staff Members.
A good management training program can equip your senior staff with the skills they need to provide better leadership. Considering that low morale is usually caused by poor or absent leadership, a program devoted to improving your organization’s management can make a big difference in the overall demeanor and productivity levels of your staff.

Teambuilding Activities.
Teambuilding helps to eliminate workplace negativity by fostering respect and trust among co-workers. Your exercises should focus on giving team members the responsibility and power to solve problems, plan and make decisions. Because problem solving reminds your employees that their individual contributions are important to the organization as a whole, try to include exercises that make your staff feel as though they are needed. This will help your employees reaffirm their role(s) within the company, as well as bond with one another.

Develop Incentive Programs.
Thoughtful incentive programs can improve both employee attitude and productivity. Your programs could be anything from an employee of the month initiative to free lunches to celebrate top employee performance to financial incentives (or ‘bonuses’) to reward employees for their work on special projects. While doing a good job is always a reward in itself, sometimes your staff might need a little extra incentive to work harder.

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