The Importance of Sending Follow-Up Email Post-Interview

There’s a highly important step to the interview process that 3 out of 4 jobTyping2 seekers routinely forget: the follow-up email.

Within 24 hours after your interview, it’s essential to email the individual who interviewed you to increase your chances of staying top of mind and relevant in the company’s job search. A short, polite and timely email can go a long way in terms of keeping you in the running for a position.

But what should your follow-up email include?

Well, it goes without saying that you should thank the interviewer for meeting with you. Let him or her know how enjoyable it was to discuss the position and that you’re extremely appreciative of being considered for the job. Interviewing candidates takes a considerable amount of time and effort for human resources departments. Hearing that you acknowledge all of the work that they’re doing will make them feel good and, in turn, improve your chances.

Here are a few other suggestions for what to include in your follow-up email:

1) Answer any questions that you weren’t able to address in the interview.
Sometimes an interview simply isn’t enough time to address everything. If you think there’s any information that a company might need that you weren’t able to provide during the formal interview, don’t hesitate to briefly discuss it in your follow-up email. Or, more importantly, if you feel you didn’t fully answer a question to the best of your ability in your interview, take another shot at it here. Showing that you’re still thinking about the interview and trying to give them as much information about you as possible will demonstrate your commitment to the position.

2) Let him or her know the best way to contact you.
You want to make yourself as available as possible after the interview. In your follow-up email, reiterate the best ways to contact you. Express your enthusiasm once more time and end with a professional, yet enthusiastic, sign-off.

For more tips on how to write a follow-up email, contact PrideStaff Modesto. We are more than happy to answer any questions or

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